About Us

Your Local Supplier Of Economic  German Electric Heating

We have been supplying the best in German Electric Heating for ten years.

Hundreds of  customers across the UK have been delighted with the economics of this type of heating,  along with the  quality of the radiators themselves and the cosy, predominantly radiant  heat that they produce.

We started  ten years ago in Scotland where the  Winter climate can be significantly harsher than that found in Lincolnshire. The demand for this type of heating has been phenomenal. We decided to bring this heating back to our roots in rural Lincolnshire.

Based in Louth, an ideal  location to cover the whole of the county, we are very much a family concern, with the emphasis on personal service.

Although German  chamotte clay core heating is the backbone of our business, we also developed a great deal of experience in Far Infrared Heating, which will prove to be fundamental in the challenges ahead as we become a low carbon economy.  Links to our other websites covering these products in more detail can be found elsewhere on our websites.

We have also progressed our involvement with  Far Infrared heating to Far Infrared Saunas, where we have partnered with  Clearlight, who we  think produce the best Far Infrared Sauna in the world!

Some of our websites which we link to may have a bit of  Scottish flavour, but our local team will ensure we can supply these products to you in Lincolnshire (or beyond).

Covid  update:-  To protect both our customers  and our staff we are keeping any  home visits for heating appraisals at the moment  to the bare minimum. Most we have found can be done quite effectively either on the phone or via skype, zoom or similar. Please contact us for any assistance you may require.